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Article by Rod Mackay updated March 14, 2013


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Smile It’s Digital Dentistry [VIDEO]

This week Stratasys launched the OrthoDesk for smaller dental labs.  Digital dentistry has been around for a long time but the price point has made it impractical for all but the largest labs.  The OrthoDesk allows smaller labs to compete their larger cousins.

The OrthoDesk uses Objet certified dental materials to custom make stone models and bio-compatible materials for guides, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays and clear aligners and retainers faster and more accurately.

In this video Stratasys customers talk about how their dental businesses are benefiting from 3D printing and the OrthoDesk solution:

L'odontologie numérique

VIDEO Objet OrthoDesk

A Contest That’s Out of This World

Over at the DIY Rockets group have created a “stellar” contest. They are challenging you to design a 3D printed rocket engine that could become part of a propulsion system and vehicle to carry nano-satellites (small objects up to the size of a pumpkin) into space.  The top design wins $5,000.  Check out their website for all the details and entry requirements.  But hurry up registration closes April 6th, 203.

AMUG Conference – The Place to Be

If you’re serious about Additive Manufacturing and want to see how real companies are using this technology then you should plan to be at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference.  If you want to see the latest new products and developments in 3D printing materials then you should plan to be at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference.  If you want to rub elbows with the brightest minds in the additive manufacturing industry and the people who will be directing this technology for the foreseeable future then you should plan to be at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference.

Let’s face it. You should plan to be at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference from April 14-18 in Jacksonville Florida.  Follow the link above for details and to register.

Don’t Shoot! No Really

I’m tired of hearing so much in the media about 3D printed guns.  Why are we wasting so much time and attention on this matter. Here’s my take.

People make guns, they always have,  If you want to go out and buy a CNC machine I’m sure you could make a gun.  The people who make guns for a living could make guns out of any material they want and I am willing to bet they have tried just about everything to gain a competitive advantage.  So why don’t we have guns made out of plastic?  Because they don’t work and because they’re dangerous more so for the people using them than for anybody else.  End of story.

There are so many great uses for 3D printers.  They have the potential to change the way we design, manufacture and consume goods for all our benefit.  Let’s focus on how we can use this technology for positive change and stop wasting time on guns.

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