Impression de pièces multi-matériaux avec une imprimante 3D Stratasys Connex

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated April 19, 2013

photo 1

Multi material sample part made out of Vero White and Tango +

The Connex line of Stratasys Design Series 3D printers is the only 3D printing solution able to use two materials at the same time, and obtain a new one by combining these two base materials. To demonstrate this unique capability I modeled a sample part with 10 different digital materials on it. By using Vero White and Tango Plus materials I was able to print a sample part with 8 digital materials and 2 base materials:

  • Vero White: Rigid opaque.
  • Tango +: Rubber-like (Shore 27) and transparent.
  • DM9740: Flexible (Shore 40) and translucent.
  • DM9750: Flexible (Shore 50) and translucent.
  • DM9760: Flexible (Shore 60) and translucent.
  • DM9770: Flexible (Shore 70) and translucent.
  • DM9785: Semi flexible (Shore 85) and opaque.
  • DM9795: Semi flexible (Shore 95) and opaque.
  • DM8430 Polypropylene like
  • DM8425 Polypropylene like

As you can see, it is not only about obtaining more materials, but also different physical properties and applications for simulating coated parts such as automotive gaskets, protective sealing and more.

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