Client du mois : Precision Resource

Article by Katey Gatta updated May 30, 2013


Have you heard of fineblanking? No, it’s not the latest ‘planking’ craze, and no, it’s not a fancy way of saying you’ve perfected the art of clearing your mind while trying to access information (pulling a blank … get it?). Fineblanking is “A hybrid metal forming process combining the technologies of stamping and cold extrusion. Triple action presses combined with special designed tooling product parts impossible to make with any other stamping process”. For a manufacturer, this sounds like it’s on the cutting edge, right? (I promise that’s the last of my bad puns). For Precision Resource – this is everyday stuff. Here’s a look at how our Customer of the Month uses SolidWorks to aim high!

About Precision Resource

Established in 1947, Precision Resource is no stranger to the tooling industry. A US based company that specialized as a stamp die building (and later fineblanking) firm, Precision Resource Canada was established in 1986. Now operating out of Cambridge, Precision Resource continues to exude excellence as one of the global leaders in Fineblanking, with operations in Canada, Mexico and China. With tremendous amounts of resources and a focus on advancing technology, the company is always looking for better ways to perform while increasing the level of quality delivered to their customers.

Why SolidWorks?

Approximately 5 years ago, Precision Resource made the decision to move from 2D to 3D CAD. After investigating numerous software packages, SolidWorks was the CAD of choice due to the user friendly format, great design capabilities and relatively economical costs. Now, Precision Resource uses SolidWorks to design and detail all Fineblanking tools the company builds and ultimately operates. Overall, this virtual ‘tooling’ process has allowed more stable models and fewer errors to correct after changes have been implemented. It also helps that Precision Resource has been able to roll out SolidWorks globally within the corporation – and have found it widely used across the globe!

Why Javelin?

  1. The Support Network: often described as being “just as valuable” as the software itself, Javelin’s support network has helped Precision Resource not only design better, but improve best design practices and techniques.
  2. Training: Precision Resource views the skill level of their designers as a source of competitive advantage; Javelin’s contributed to this through developing advanced custom training programs for design groups and deliver onsite, allowing significant advances to skill level of designers in short periods of time.

More about the Products


Straightforward 3D CAD software, offering unmatched 3D design capabilities, performance and ease-of-use. Evaluate more design alfternatives, reduce errors and enhance product quality. Create 3D models from existing 2D data with the best available transition tools while enjoying unmatched design communication capabilities!


Improve your productivity and knowledge of SolidWorks and SolidWorks partner products with certified instructor led training. With training locations across Canada, on-site options and JOLT, Javelin’s Online LIVE Training program, there’s plenty of options to get the training you need to aim high!

Katey Gatta