Comment rendre des arrière-plans transparents dans PhotoView 360 [VIDEO]

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated May 27, 2013


SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 does a really great job of creating amazingly realistic renderings. We’ve discussed before how to add your own background image in SOLIDWORKS to use in a render, but what if you want a PhotoView 360 Transparent Background Rendering?

PhotoView 360 Transparent Background Rendering

PhotoView 360 Transparent Background Rendering

The approach to get a transparent background in a PhotoView 360 render will vary depending on what release of SOLIDWORKS you are using. Here is the process for SOLIDWORKS 2012 and the current release of SOLIDWORKS.

PhotoView 360 Transparent Background Rendering in SOLIDWORKS 2012

In order to get a transparent background render in SOLIDWORKS 2012, you will need to remove the background from the Environment.

Step 1: Click on the “DisplayManager” tab then select button “View Scene, Lights, and Cameras”. Right click on the Scene and select “Edit Scene”.

2012 - Step 1

Étape 1

Step 2: In the pull down for “Background”, select “None”. If you do not wish to have any Shadows or Floor Reflections in the render, clear the check boxes for these options under “Floor”.

2012 - Step 2

Step 2

Step 3: Launch the PhotoView 360 “Final Render” command and once the rendering finishes, select the “Save Image” button then save the file as a “Portable Network Graphic PNG” file. This file format will support the transparency of the background. Saving as a .jpeg or .bmp file extension will result in the background being white instead of transparent.

2012 - Step 3

Étape 3


Render Results

Transparent Background in SOLIDWORKS 2013 — Current Release

To get a transparent background in a render in the current release of SOLIDWORKS is much less complicated. All you have to do is save the final rendered image as a .PNG file, SOLIDWORKS will automatically remove the background when this file type is selected. If you do not wish to have any Shadows or Floor Reflections in the render you can turn them off using the method described above for SOLIDWORKS 2012.

2013 PNG Render1

Render saved as a PNG file

Saving the Final Render as a .jpeg will result in whatever background that is set in SOLIDWORKS showing instead of the background being transparent.

2013 JPEG Render1

Same render saved as a JPEG file

Watch this video for a complete demonstration of these techniques:

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