Tutoriel DriveWorks : Flux de spécifications (4 de 5) - Conditions d'état [VIDEO]

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated June 13, 2013


Il est parfois important de contrôler qui est autorisé à voir les spécifications dans certains états ou de contrôler qui est autorisé à effectuer certaines transitions. Pour contrôler qui est autorisé à voir un état ou une transition dans une spécification, nous devons modifier l'état d'origine :


This is where most of the work on the specification flow is done.  The user interface has several different panels that we will explore in order based on need.


Under state items the tree header represents the current state.  A right click on State brings up the following context menu:


Edit teams applies to operations and transitions but not events.  When selected it brings up the following menu:


All teams appear on the list but in a blank project Administrators is the only team.  By default every team has visibility of a state, to limit this select the Custom option. Owner is the last user to process the specification.  This includes the user that is logged in to AutoPilot, so it must be accordingly.  Creator is the person who created the specification.  This setting can be overridden in the security settings using the option “Members Can View & Edit All Specifications”.  For now we will not edit the teams for any of our states, transitions or operations.

Adam Bridgman, CSWE

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