Les montagnes russes de billes Créer une bibliothèque Partie initiale (partie 4 de plusieurs) [VIDEO]

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated July 25, 2013


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Option 2 save a library part

To avoid confusion, either use different file names or delete the files you created in the previous steps.

This is the method I will be using is to create a library part.  This option maintains the relationship to the original connector, but it requires discipline and knowledge to use correctly.  When I want to create a new roller coaster segment I will open the library part, save a copy, close the library part and open the copy.  If I make changes to the master part it will affect the next part I try to make from it.  The only way to lock this down is to set the folder to read only or use Enterprise PDM.  To create the library part I will use the feature Save Bodies.  Before inserting this feature I will rename the bodies the same way I rename files in windows, expand the bodies folder, click the body, press F2 or wait a moment and click the current name.  I will name the bodies Connector Male and Connector Female respectively.




Next use the command search and type save.


Select Save Bodies

Check off both bodies and click OK


This will create the part files.  At this step I had an error and had to save as my part with a different name, then save as again and replace my Connectors.sldprt.  Save bodies worked after that.

Before closing the new parts, reorder the save bodies before the move/copy bodies feature so that the origin is in a more appropriate location in the output.  Then rebuild, save, and close all files.


Create a new part, make sure the units are in inches, then click insert, part.  Insert the female connector first, on the property manager page you can bring in reference geometry as necessary, the planes may be useful, but they are not required yet.  The female connector will not need to be moved, so clear the Locate part checkbox. Repeat the process for the male connector, but this time locate part will be required.  Set the z offset to -5in.


Save this part as the new library file, in this case I am going to save it in the same folder as the template created earlier, but do not use the same name as the original master connector part.

Next add a design library for quick access to this file. To do this click the design library tab, add library, browse to the save folder, click ok, then select templates in the design library.


Watch this video for a demonstration of this workflow:

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