SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional : Écrire une carte de dessin avec les variables de la carte de pièce [VIDEO].

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated October 31, 2013


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is capable of copying values from a part or assembly card and writing them to a Drawing card.  The setup to do this is actually quite easy.

To set up this link do the following:

  1. Open the drawing card in the card editor
  2. Select the control with the variable you want to modify and click variables
  3. Add a new block attribute block named $PRPSHEET (all uppercase)
  4. Set the attribute name to be the same as the block attribute for the part/assembly custom property (number)
  5. Set the extensions to slddrw

To test this link:

  1. Open a part with the custom property added (123456789 in this example)
  2. Create a new drawing and save it (it should have the same property)
  3. Change the property in the part and check it in
  4. Return to the drawing and the card will be updated

Adam Bridgman, CSWE

Adam Bridgman, expert certifié SOLIDWORKS, fournit aux clients une assistance technique et une formation.