Fichiers et dossiers locaux de SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated October 19, 2013


SOLIDWORKS PDM Local files and folders can be created in a number of ways:

  • If a file is saved to the local vault view while working off-line, it is not added to the vault and will only visible on the computer in which it was created and by the user who created it.
  • By comparison these files will appear in a faded colour as shown:

offline file

Local files cannot be checked in, nor will other users be able to see the local files.

  • If the folder or file is moved, deleted, renamed on a different client, you may have a left over locally cached copy. Clearing the local cache should resolve this issue. Clear Local Cache is available from Tools pull-down in the Local Vault View.
  • If the currently logged-in user lacks permission to see the folder/file, and a user with permissions, previously cached the file to the Local Vault View.
  • If user setting “Show only local files” is enabled. Please refer to my Grey Folders and Files in the local Vault View article
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