Manipulation des vues SOLIDWORKS à l'aide de la souris et du clavier [VIDEO].

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated November 2, 2013

Homme utilisant un clavier SolidWorks

SOLIDWORKS Mouse and Keyboard View Control

Using the mouse to its full potential can be very useful in SOLIDWORKS.  Almost every view command in SOLIDWORKS can be accessed using the mouse and modifier keys.  Fit the current model in the graphics area (zoom to fit) by double clicking the middle mouse button.  I personally do not use this one because I find it to be too difficult to double click without scrolling the wheel.

Zoom to area has no exact replacement but scrolling the mouse wheel is very similar.  Zooming in and out of the centre of the graphics area can be accomplished by holding the ‘SHIFT’ key and dragging the middle mouse button.  Holding control instead of shift and dragging the middle mouse button will pan instead of zooming.

If you need to see small details in widely separated areas it is a good idea to use the magnifying glass.  Pressing ‘G’ brings up the magnifying glass, which remembers the zoom level the next time you open it.  This means you get the advantages of zooming in without having to zoom in and out a lot or pan large distances.

Normally dragging the middle mouse button will rotate the model.  This freely rotates around all three axes and initially takes some getting used to but works very well in most cases.  If you want to roll around a planar face you will also drag the middle mouse button, but first middle click the face you wish to roll around.  This will rotate around an axis drawn through the point and normal to the face.

Adam Bridgman, CSWE

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