Comment trouver l'intersection de SOLIDWORKS (Virtual Sharp) [VIDEO] (en anglais)

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated December 16, 2013


If you have ever needed to dimension to a virtual sharp (a point at which two lines would intersect if they were long enough), then you have probably done so by either creating construction lines so the lines intersect, or sketched in a point to dimension to (as my colleague describes in this blog article).

While both of these methods work, they require the creation of reference sketch entities in a separate step. Of course, sometimes you get lucky and can sketch and dimension the lines to a sharp point before inserting a sketch fillet and maintain that relationship, but this doesn’t work in all situations.

One of the nice new enhancements added in SOLIDWORKS 2014 is the ability to select an intersection between two entities when applying a dimension. Here’s a video that demonstrates this:

For those of you unable to view the video, when I am in my Smart Dimension command (or any dimension command for that matter) I can right-click on a line and choose “Find Intersection,” then pick a second entity and a virtual sharp will automatically be added and I will be applying my dimension from that point. Then I can simply select the other end of my dimension and it has added my dimension as intended.

This works with both lines and arcs (including the ellipse), but I’ve noticed some strange behaviour with splines when using SP0.

Jim Peltier, CSWE

Jim utilise SolidWorks depuis 2001, et a passé la plupart de son temps à travailler dans la conception d'équipements de fabrication industrielle automatisée. Depuis juillet 2012, il travaille en tant qu'expert en applications chez Javelin Technologies à Oakville (Ontario) et est un expert SolidWorks certifié (CSWE).