Bonne année de la part de l'équipe de Javelin Simulation

Article by Rod Mackay updated January 5, 2015


It has been an exciting year for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and, as always, we’ve seen some incredible changes happen to the software. The biggest change in the last year has to be the release of a new package of simulation tools: Simulation Standard. This is a great product for anyone wanting to do linear-static analysis on assemblies, kinematic analysis, and to check durability. See the product matrix to learn about other functionality and compare it to the other Simulation tools:

In addition there were some GREAT new enhancements in 2015. I’m willing to bet that most readers of this blog have not got around to updating to 2015 at this time, but let’s see if I can entice you with just two of these great enhancements (foregoing the traditional “top 10 list”). See below to learn about my favorites, but please remember this is only a small portion of the great new features available in the latest release.

Shell Manager

This tool will enable SOLIDWORKS Premium users and above visual cues and a single interface to understand details about all of their shell models in a given analysis. Details such as shell thickness, material, and offsets can be easily manipulated, and the ability to group members takes that to an unrivaled efficiency. Compared to efforts required to understand and edit definitions.

Shell Manager

Shell Manager

Intermediate results during a nonlinear solve

When I first set up a simulation problem it’s very unlikely that I address every boundary condition and detail properly on that initial run. As is the case, I address problems in an iterative fashion: each run I refine and add new details until I’m satisfied with the results. This can be extremely time-consuming in nonlinear problems due to their complexity.

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 I now have the ability to visualize intermediate results in these problems. What this means is that I no longer have to wait until a problem has completed to make those changes or understand why a model has become unstable. This is a feature that has already saved me a great deal of time and for anyone that needs to solve nonlinear problems, I highly recommend you take advantage of this ability.

intermediate results

intermediate results

Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and joyous new year! We look forward to helping you reach new heights in 2015!

Rod Mackay

Rod utilise des logiciels de CAO 3D depuis plus de 25 ans et a formé des milliers de concepteurs à une utilisation plus efficace de leurs systèmes de CAO. Rod est le webmestre de Javelin et est basé à Ottawa, ON, Canada.