Comment activer les produits Xpress dans SOLIDWORKS ?

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated April 14, 2015


To enable SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products (SimulationXpress, FloXpress, DFMXpress, SustainabilityXpress, and DriveWorksXpress) in 2015 and newer releases, you will need to obtain a Product Code from the MySolidWorks website.

PLEASE NOTE:  The product codes are based on your SOLIDWORKS serial number and version of SOLIDWORKS.  Users with separate serial numbers will require different codes.  Also each major version of SOLIDWORKS require unique codes.

Step 1:  First, you will need to have a SOLIDWORKS ID or 3DEXPERIENCE ID associated to an account with your SOLIDWORKS license.  This may require your administrator register you through the DSx Client Care & Order portal.  See our article on Transitioning to DSx Client Care & Order System.

Step 2:  Launch the Xpress tool, in this example we will try to launch DriveWorksXpress.  In SOLIDWORKS go to Tools > Xpress Products > DriveWorksXpress.

NOTE: Other products such as SimulationXpress or FloXpress require a model to be open first, prior to going to Tools > Xpress Products.

SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products

Step 2 – Access an Xpress Product

Step 3:  In the window that comes up click on the link for

Étape 3

Step 3 – Access MySolidWorks

Step 4:  Log into the MySolidWorks website.

Étape 4

Step 4 – Log into MySolidWorks

Step 5:  The activation code (Product Code) that is linked to your SOLIDWORKS serial number will display.

Étape 5

Step 5 – Copy the Xpress Product Code

Step 6:  Copy and paste the Product Code into the window in SOLIDWORKS and click OK.

Step 6

Step 6 – Copy & Paste the Product Code into SOLIDWORKS

After this you should have full access to your chosen SOLIDWORKS Xpress products.

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