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Article by Rod Mackay updated April 5, 2015


To stay ahead of the competition you need a solution provider that will dig deep into your projects and workflow to identify improvements and ways to reduce costs.

Javelin is more than just your authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller; we can provide your business with exclusive solutions for every stage of your product lifecycle. To help reduce time-to-value, drive greater agility to meet changing market demands, and increase success for your product launches.

Javelot Track

Javelot Track

We can improve your PEOPLE , equip your business with the latest TECHNOLOGY, help you to setup the required PROCESS, and introduce you to new innovative MANUFACTURING techniques. Discover the services available from Javelin.

Skills Assessment & Training for your PEOPLE

Chez Javelin, nous comprenons que les personnes sont votre actif le plus important et que la pression des affaires vous oblige à faire plus avec moins - comme attirer, engager et retenir les bons talents. Ce qui nous distingue en tant que revendeur à valeur ajoutée, c'est que nous proposons des solutions uniques conçues pour répondre à vos besoins en matière de ressources humaines, qu'il s'agisse de stratégies de sourcing, de formations sur mesure, de certification ou de solutions pour capturer et développer vos meilleures pratiques existantes.

Solutions pour les personnes

Solutions pour les personnes

Common people problems that our customers face:

  • Is there significant pressure on your design and engineering departments to reduce timelines to meet customer demands?
  • Are you currently searching for talent and need a solution for training and on boarding of new staff?
  • Do you have people leaving soon either through attrition or retirement and need to capture their knowledge and best practices to ensure your business continues to function?

Get the people solutions you need from Javelin

Javelin can provide your people with custom training and assessments, along with certification and testing to help with recruitment purposes or evaluation of your team’s skills and knowledge.

To capture your best practices we can create documentation and develop custom courseware to ensure essential knowledge is retained in your business and shared with other staff members.

Get the latest TECHNOLOGY

Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS® design solutions help thousands of Canadian designers, engineers, and manufacturers to create and deliver great products.

The powerful yet easy-to-use solutions cover all aspects of your product development process with a seamless integrated workflow — that includes design, verification, communication and data management — which will simplify the development process for even the most complex designs.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

New 2017 Technologies

SOLIDWORKS 2017 adds new tools and capabilities to help inspire innovative design and grow your business. In addition to CAD, FEA, and PDM tools the latest SOLIDWORKS release has new technology for:

  • First Article Inspection (FAI).
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) 3D engineering drawings.
  • Documentation & illustration.
  • Electromechanical design.
  • Industrial & mechanical concept design tools.
  • Cloud based design & collaboration.

Javelin Technology Solutions

Javelin is the largest SOLIDWORKS reseller in Canada and can provide your business with the latest technology backed by an expert technical support and training team.

PROCESS Improvement

We know you are continually striving to connect all of your business systems and document your processes in order to obtain certifications. You may have a data management system, but is it connected to your ERP or MRP systems? Are you still relying on manual processes in your workflow to keep projects on track?

Improving your process

Improving your process

Common process issues that our customers face:

  • Need to improve the flow of documentation to ensure the “as designed” and the “as built” are in sync.
  • Need to reduce the amount of time spent on manual inputs, spreadsheets, and reduce associated errors.
  • Require a better means of documenting products or processes that may rely on the shop floor or other areas, to ensure the knowledge of the end released product is captured.
  • A need for better communication between the design department and the shop floor.

Get the process solutions you need from Javelin

Javelin’s process experts can help you to integrate all your data systems so there is a better workflow in place across your entire organization; which can also help you to obtain the business certifications your customers require such as Military-Standard-31000A, ASME Y14.41, ISO 16792, and DIN ISO 16792.

We also have experience with helping businesses utilize government funding schemes when implementing new processes, including the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program.


Digital Manufacturing with production 3D Printers has opened the door for faster and more cost effective short-run manufacturing methods. Time-to-market is no longer constrained by the lead time required for tooling.

With 3D printing a product can be manufactured the same day that a design is completed. This allows Javelin customers to respond faster with less initial cash outlay for tooling and capital equipment.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

How 3D Printing is utilized

3D printing can make dramatic improvements in both time and cost efficiency, when compared with more traditional production methods. Here are just a few applications where 3D printing is used for manufacturing:

  • Creating jigs & fixtures.
  • End-use parts.
  • Sand casting.
  • Surrogate parts.
  • Thermoforming.
  • Mold, tool and die.
  • Creating mock-ups & prototypes.

Javelin Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Javelin can help you determine if digital manufacturing is right for your business and give you the guidance you need to choose the right printer for your needs. You will also receive installation, training, and servicing.

Take the NEXT STEP

Contact your local Javelin office and arrange for a visit to your location by one of our solution experts. We want to hear about your business issues and we are confident that our solution expert will be able to find a solution for you.

We can help:
  • Enable your organization to scale.
  • Encourage flexibility and growth across your entire business.
  • Increase overall value.
  • Maximize workforce productivity.
  • Deliver faster, more efficient results.

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