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Article by Scott Lidgey updated May 29, 2015


Are you having trouble reading some of the characters in your inspection reports generated by SOLIDWORKS Inspection? The inspection reports often include characters that are not supported by the regular Windows fonts installed on your machine; in this article we will provide a quick and easy solution for that problem.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection uses a specific font called “SolidWorks Inspection GDT ” to communicate the geometric characteristics and tolerance zones. If you have installed SOLIDWORKS Inspection on your machine, the font is used every time you export an Excel report to show the feature control frames and the characteristics they include.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection GDT Font

Inspection Characters

Inspection Control Frames

Inspection Control Frames


With SOLIDWORKS Inspection installed and running on your machine, you should have no problem viewing these characteristics. Your Microsoft Excel reports should look like this:

GD&T Inspection font in Microsoft Excel

GD&T Inspection font in Microsoft Excel


If you don’t have SOLIDWORKS Inspection installed and you need to work with inspection reports, you can download and install the SOLIDWORKS Inspection GDT font via the following link: SOLIDWORKS Inspection GDT Font Download

After Installing the font it will be available in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. as shown in the figure below:



If you have any questions about installing fonts on Windows OS, please visit the following web site for more details: FontSpring

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