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Have you tried MySolidWorks Training? It’s a free online tool that allows you to discover SOLIDWORKS features and functionalities on your own schedule, at your own pace, and from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. There are hundreds of recorded online SOLIDWORKS Lessons covering a variety of topics including Mold Design, Conceptual Design, Surfacing, and Certification preparation. MySolidWorks is the perfect complement to reinforce instructor-led training classes.

Finding Online SOLIDWORKS Lessons with the Catalog Filters

When you access the training catalog on MySolidWorks (by visiting > Training > Catalog) you’ll find a list of the latest online SOLIDWORKS lessons and a group of filters in the left-hand column. Using the filters you can quickly find the lessons you are looking for and get your question answered. Let’s have a look at the filters in more detail:

Online SOLIDWORKS Lessons

MySolidWorks Filters and Online Lessons

Learning Type:

The learning type filter allows you to list all the Lessons available in MySolidWorks, or view all the Learning Paths which group lessons by their related topic e.g. all the online SOLIDWORKS lessons for Routing are in a specific learning path.

Access Level:

There are three access levels to filter by, and these present the lessons available for the type of MySolidWorks account you are logged in with:

  • Professional – the professional account is an additional cost and provides 100+ hours of online training content plus SOLIDWORKS Certification prep-courses.
  • Standard – the standard account is included with your SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service and includes 30+ hours of online training content.
  • Free – this is free access for anyone (you just need to create an account on MySolidWorks) and includes 10+ hours of online training content.


Here you can filter the MySolidWorks lessons by SOLIDWORKS version, such as 2017, and also by product, such as PDM.


The last set of filters allows you to list the lessons by category, so if you wanted to see all the lessons available for Sketching you can easily find them under the Sketching category.

Combining Filters

When filtering the training content you can apply multiple filters at once and MySolidWorks will narrow the list based on your criteria, each filter you choose will be displayed in a horizontal list under the page header. As shown in the figure below I’ve filtered for Professional access, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2015, Sketching lessons

Picking a red x icon will clear a specific filter, or you can pick Clear All to remove the filters altogether.

MySolidWorks Active Filters

MySolidWorks Active Filters

Essayez MySolidWorks

MySolidWorks learning includes free lessons for anyone to try, simply create a MySolidWorks account at, and get access to more than 10 hours of SOLIDWORKS Learning videos – all at your fingertips. Learn more about the Professional version of MySolidWorks

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