Dessin SOLIDWORKS Déplacer la vue ou la nomenclature vers une feuille différente

Article by Sanja Srzic updated June 8, 2015


When a SOLIDWORKS drawing sheet becomes crowded and difficult to read, it may help to know that it is possible to move a drawing view or a BOM to a different sheet.  All dimensions and annotations move with the view.

Applying SOLIDWORKS Drawing Move View

In the design tree, activate the sheet that includes the drawing view that is being moved.  Click on the view with the left-mouse button and keep the button pressed.  Drag the view and hover over the name of the sheet to which it is being moved.  When the icon that looks like a yellow bent arrow pointing to the left appears, release the left mouse button to drop the view on the sheet.


SOLIDWORKS Drawing Move View

Drag and drop a drawing view to a different sheet


The same method works for moving BOMs from one sheet to another.  The sheet that includes BOM must be active before the move.


Drag and drop a BOM to a different sheet

Drag and drop a BOM to a different sheet

Sanja Srzic

Sanja est le chef de l'équipe d'assistance technique SOLIDWORKS pour l'ouest du Canada, et est basée dans le bureau de Javelin à Winnipeg.