SOLIDWORKS Incorporer des modèles eDrawings dans votre site Web ou votre blog

Article by Eric van Essen updated September 9, 2015


I have had the opportunity to preview the new functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2016 and I am excited to be once again hosting our Annual Launch Event for the new SOLIDWORKS release in October.

Like every release of SOLIDWORKS, there are literally hundreds of enhancements and once again there is a good mix of user requested time savers and innovation. One thing that has been rolled out subtly in anticipation of the new release is the revamp of 3DContentCentral (


3DContentCentral Website

One of the biggest changes that I really like is how easy it is to embed 3D models from 3DContentCentral into your own website. With this addition, it is just as easy to add 3D content to your website as it is to add a video from YouTube.  Check out the Minion model below which I embedded into this blog page in about 10 seconds!


2. Then search for a model that you want to embed into your website e.g. bearing

3DContentCentral Search Tool

3DContentCentral Search Tool

3. Select the model required from the search results

3DContentCentral Search Results

3DContentCentral Search Results

4. In the model page in the left-hand column under the eDrawings window is a form box containing the inline frame embed code, select and copy the embed code to your clipboard

3DConentCentral Embed Code

3DConentCentral Embed Code

5. Access your website or blog and paste the embed code into the code view of your page, example code is shown below. You can adjust the width and height pixel values to suit the space

<iframe scrolling='no' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen='true' src='' name='PreviewFrame3D' id='PreviewFrame3D' width='400' height='355'></iframe><br/><a href=''>Download</a>

6. When the page is rendered the embedded eDrawings model will be displayed as shown in the example above


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