SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 Détection des corps non contraints

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated September 28, 2015


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 Detecting Unconstrained Bodies is a powerful tool for pre-processing static simulations. The enhanced algorithm behind this feature is able to find the active degree of freedom (DOF) for individual bodies in an assembly. This analysis tool enables you to detect bodies that are not sufficiently constrained.

The unconstrained bodies detecting feature in a static study can be accessed by right-clicking on ‘Connections‘ and select ‘Find Unconstrained Bodies‘, as shown in Fig. 1. Or, it can be found in the second tab of ‘Contact Virtualization Plot Property Manager‘. Then click ‘Calculate‘ to find unconstrained bodies (see Fig. 2).

The solver applies a coarse mesh and runs the static study considering all loads, contacts, and boundary conditioned defined in the study. If the model is fully constrained and no rigid bodies are found, a message appears to confirm that the ‘Model is fully constrained’, as depicted in Fig. 3.


However, if any unconstrained translational and/or rotational degree of freedoms exist in the model, these bodies and their directional active DOF will be listed under unconstrained bodies. You can simply select one of the listed DOFs to animate the translational or rotational movement of the under constrained body, as demonstrated in Figure 4 and 5, respectively.

Translation movement of an unconstrained body

Fig. 4: Translation movement of an unconstrained body

The direction of free movement will also be shown in the graphic area by a green arrow.

Rotational movement of an unconstrained body

Fig. 5: Rotational movement of an unconstrained body

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