Que faire lorsqu'un fichier d'assemblage SOLIDWORKS ne s'enregistre PAS ?

Article by Sanja Srzic updated October 14, 2015


When a SOLIDWORKS assembly file will not save the first workaround is to try and save the assembly with a new name, to a different folder, or to a local drive.  If that doesn’t work then here are two other options for you to consider trying.

Note that pattern and mirror features cannot be included in these steps in the versions prior to SOLIDWORKS 2016; they would need to be recreated.

Option #1: Form a New Subassembly

Selecting assembly components, right-click and select the option ‘Form New Subassembly.’  Once the new subassembly is created, try saving it externally.

SOLIDWORKS Assembly File will NOT Save

Form New Subassembly and Save Assembly in External File (RMB = Right-mouse Button)

Option #2: Make Assembly from Part/Assembly and Dissolve Subassembly

From the File menu, select Make Assembly from Part/Assembly.  SOLIDWORKS creates a new assembly with the original assembly as a component.  In the new assembly, right-click on the subassembly component and select the option ‘Dissolve Subassembly.’  The result should be a replica of the original assembly that may not report an error when saving.


Make New Assembly and Dissolve

Make New Assembly and Dissolve

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