Comment détecter les lignes de soudure dans la conception de pièces en plastique avec SOLIDWORKS Plastics ?

Article by Aditya Chandurkar updated November 19, 2015


During the injection molding process it is common to see the occurrence of lines where two flow fronts meet due to the inability of those two flow fronts to knit together — these lines are called weld lines. Weld lines are molding defects that cause weak regions in the molded part which could result in breakage when the part is subjected to stresses.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Weld Lines

Find Weld Lines

Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics, you can detect weld lines if they are present in your part, and SOLIDWORKS does a great job at predicting the weld lines location on the part once the simulation process is complete. The weld lines can be shown by simply selecting the weld lines option in the results section as seen in the image below.

Weld Lines Detection Tool

Weld Lines Detection Tool

Causes of Weld Lines

Some of the causes of weld lines are as follows:

  • Low mold temperature
  • Improper injection location
  • Inconsistent process cycle
  • Improper flow rate of injected material
  • Low injection pressure

How to reduce Weld Lines

To reduce the occurrence of weld lines in the desired part can be achieved by using SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation results such as the Pressure at the End of Fill: this result section helps to analyze how much pressure is required to fill the mold cavity. As mentioned earlier, LOW injection pressure contributes to the occurrence of weld line in the part. Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, the geometry of the part can be modified iteratively to find the optimum pressure to lower weld lines in the injection molding process. There are many other results available to help you minimize the weld lines in the part such as Fill time plot, Cooling time, Temperature at end of cooling and many more.

Detect Weld Lines in Analysis Results

Show Weld Lines in Analysis Results

With SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation tools, you can quickly evaluate manufacturability issues such as weld lines while you design to eliminate costly mold rework which results in improved part quality and reliability.

Aditya Chandurkar