How to define a Thermostat in a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

Article by Mersedeh Zandvakili updated July 12, 2019


Did you know you can set up a thermostat directly in your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Transient Study which will turn the heat power on/off based on the temperature?

The thermostat (transient) feature monitors the temperature of a specified vertex or point on your model to turn the heat power on/off. It basically includes a point temperature sensor and a on/off feedback control like most of thermostats.

Defining a thermostat

  1. To access this function, from your simulation tree, right click on thermal loads in the simulation study tree and click Heat Power. You can also access this command from the menu bar Simulation > Loads/Fixtures > Heat Power.
  2. After completing heat power specifications, check the option of thermostat (transient) at the bottom of the Heat Power property manager.
  3. The first selection in the transient section, is a point on the model when the thermostat is being installed.
  4. Then minimum and maximum cut off temperatures are specified to turn the thermostat on or off if the sensor location reaches these temperatures.

In our example below, the whole microchip part acts as a the heat power source but its on/off status of this heat source is defined based on a thermostat installed on a vertex of the middle connector. The heat source will turn off if the sensor location reaches a temperature of 120 degrees of Celsius and it will the turn back on if the temperature of 100 degrees of Celsius.

Defining a thermostat in the heat power command

Defining a thermostat in the heat power command

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