TriMech Staffing Services aide une entreprise familiale à trouver des ingénieurs

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated March 29, 2022


Many family owned businesses rely on “word-of-mouth” recommendations for hiring, but this method is often very time consuming, especially for more advanced positions. TriMech’s client, a family-owned company specializing in industrial agricultural equipment, was seeking to add a SOLIDWORKS Designer to their team after previously only outsourcing their engineering needs.

Despite never having used a staffing company before, the leadership team recognized the opportunity in a technical staffing service and utilized the TriMech Staffing team to find a qualified candidate. TriMech has since helped the company place a total of four engineers and they have plans to utilize the service for future needs.

The Challenge of Starting an Engineering Team

The challenge at hand was transitioning from strictly outsourcing engineering needs to creating their own internal engineering team, which included hiring qualified engineers and acquiring proper software. Their usual hiring process was proving to be time consuming and ineffective.

After working with TriMech on getting the SOLIDWORKS software their engineer would need, the client learned about TriMech’s staffing service; a service  that would help them acquire key talent, and do it fast. In this case, company leadership felt some initial reservation toward using a staffing company, as it was a process they were unfamiliar with. However, once they understood the process, the pool of talent TriMech already had at its finger tips, and how quickly they would be able to fill the position, it was a no-brainer.

Solutions pour les personnes

Solutions pour les personnes

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Working With TriMech Staffing

The staffing process with TriMech always begins with an introductory meeting to thoroughly understand both the company and the candidate needed. In this pre-covid case, account manager Loretta Lacks met with company leadership at their office to understand their needs and build a relationship. TriMech account managers work to understand the company and its goals to place candidates that are not only qualified for the position, but that also fit well with company culture. After the initial meeting and paperwork, the staffing team works together to source and interview potential candidates. When good candidates are identified and interested in the position, they are submitted to the company to conduct their own interviews. In this case, TriMech recruiters were able to quickly identify two candidates that the company hired.

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Les résultats

The client was so satisfied with the two candidates recommended by the staffing team that they have since returned to TriMech for two more engineering placements. TriMech has fostered and supported growth in this family-owned company by using technical staffing experience to establish a strong internal engineering team for them.

TriMech’s broad range of offerings allows many clients to benefit from having a relationship with just one engineering solutions provider to satisfy many needs. The staffing division aids companies in finding qualified engineering placements, closing gaps in lack of time and experience with placing technical positions, ultimately resulting in cost savings by finding a better candidate faster.

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