Résolution des messages d'erreur du gestionnaire d'installation de SOLIDWORKS

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated November 21, 2023


    The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager is a small application used to download and install all SOLIDWORKS products. This can be downloaded by logging into the SOLIDWORKS Downloads website with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID that is associated to an account with active subscription. Based on the license information entered and selected products to install, the required SOLIDWORKS installation files are automatically downloaded. Warning or error messages may be presented if there are connectivity issues or something blocking the installation.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    A Windows Reboot is Pending

    The most common message that pops up on first launching the Installation Manager is “A Windows reboot is pending…”. This is actually a Windows operating system message indicating that a user or program has tried to rename a file that is in use. The file names are stored in a registry key until the system is restarted and then they are renamed. It is not specific to SOLIDWORKS as it can affect other applications.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager – Reboot Pending

    1. Perform a full reboot your computer using Start > Power > Restart
      *Do not use Shut Down as it may not restart all processes if Windows Fast Startup is enabled
    2. [OPTIONAL] If a full reboot does not stop the warning, this indicates the Windows registry key was not purged on restart. You can contact your IT to determine why the following registry key is not deleted on restart. It can be deleted manually in the given session of Windows to avoid the message, however a reboot may return the key and the Installation Manager warning.

      Windows Registry – PendingFileRenameOperations

      *Use caution when working in the Windows registry.  Consult an IT professional and be sure backups are performed prior to any changes


    3. However, in most cases you can click OK to the message and proceed with the installation as normal

    Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

    If the SOLIDWORKS installation files were downloaded as a ZIP and then extracted, the Installation Manager may open to a blank page. This is caused by blocked HTML files from the extraction. Follow the steps from our Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Window blog article to resolve the issue.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager – Blank Page

    Could Not Connect to the SOLIDWORKS Server

    The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager requires a connection to the SOLIDWORKS servers to validate license entitlement. The following error may be presented after clicking Next on the serial numbers page. You can continue with the installation by clicking Cancel if you already have a full set of installation files downloaded.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager – Could Not Connect to SOLIDWORKS Server

    Additional Files are Needed Based on the Products Selected

    If the entitlement check failed and you don’t have all installation source files, you will likely receive an error that additional files are needed and could not be downloaded. This prevents the installation from proceeding.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager – Additional Files Needed

    First ensure that the option Disable Internet Access is unchecked by right-clicking the Installation Manager title bar.

    Responsable de l'installation de SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager – Unchecked Disable Internet Access

    To help ensure a successful installation, the following steps should be performed:

    1. Use a Windows account with full Local administrative permissions

    2. Allow outbound TCP connection to port 80 in the firewall for “sldim.exe” and “sldimdownloader.exe” (‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Installation Manager’)

    3. Add the following domains to a firewall exception (all use HTTP port 80)

      • im.solidworks.com
      • im-ak.solidworks.com
      • dl-ak.solidworks.com
    4. Avoid proxy servers.  IP randomization will prevent downloads through the Installation Manager


    If you still are unable to download through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, reach out to your local SOLIDWORKS reseller to assist.

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