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Applying Decals with Background Masking in SOLIDWORKS – Part 1

Have you ever applied or used decals in SOLIDWORKS? What I learned is that not everything has the background colour you need for the decal you have. Sometimes you just...
display diameter as a linear dimension

Aligning linear diameter dimensions in SOLIDWORKS drawings

Diameter dimensions can be modified to display as linear dimensions if needed. To convert the diameter dimension into linear follow these steps: Step 1: Right click the Diameter dimension >...
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How to save a ScanTo3D (.3ds) file from a SOLIDWORKS part?

You must have the SOLIDWORKS ScanTo3D Add-in enabled before you can save parts as the ScanTo3D 3DS file format. There are a few ways for you to enable SOLIDWORKS add-ins...
Stratasys F120 Print Head Desktop

How to replace a Print Head on a Stratasys F120 Desktop 3D Printer

The Stratasys F120 is designed to be reliable, easy to work with, and more importantly easy to maintain. Take a look at the video below to see how easy it...
Fig. 1 Weldment Error

Unable to Save after Changing a SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile?

So you are working on a SOLIDWORKS Weldment part, you go to save, and suddenly the following error message appears: Figure 1: Unknown Error while Saving...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear Displacement Plot Time Steps

Linear Vs Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Explained

For some designers, finite element analysis (FEA) can feel like a complicated venture. The truth is, if you know SOLIDWORKS, you already have the background to take advantage of simulation...

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The basics of SOLIDWORKS xDesign Demonstration Video

Watch and learn how SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines 3D CAD modeling and cloud collaboration using a web browser. In this 90-minute, on-demand video you'll learn how to create parametric models and...

Utilize Touch Mode in SOLIDWORKS for Touchscreen Computers

More and more, we run into touch screens. Laptops and monitors are starting to come standard with touch capability. I've had a touch screen on my computer, and for a...
Topology Study produces organic geometry that is optimized for its intended application

Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study

Additive manufacturing is no longer a bleeding edge technology; this powerful method is being used across countless industries, for applications ranging from rapid prototyping to jigs/fixtures and production end-use parts. Widespread...