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SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Keyboard

Numeric Keypad Numbers Different than Alphanumeric Keys in SOLIDWORKS!?!

That's right! If you have a keyboard that has number keys on the side, it is important to note that they are a bit different...
3D printed electronics

Simulating screens and surfaces with Stratasys VeroUltra materials

In this use case, Stratasys VeroUltra materials are used to 3D print electronics with multiple opacities and surfaces. Challenge Traditional, single-material prototyping is an expensive...

How to filter the Windows Event Viewer Logs to help resolve problems

I won't lie, this article is a bit self-serving as I hope it will be used to shrink the amount of information I have to...

How to transfer your DraftSight Custom Settings between versions or computers

A common DraftSight question we receive is how to transfer custom DraftSight settings between installations? This situation might crop up when upgrading versions, switching between...

Why you should use Restart (instead of Shut down) with SOLIDWORKS

When troubleshooting unwanted behavior on a computer, especially when running SOLIDWORKS, there are a couple of simple steps worth trying early in the process.  Restart...

How to switch SOLIDWORKS PDM to Offline Mode using the Windows Registry

Working offline within SOLIDWORKS PDM is a great option if you want to bring work home on your laptop, or if there is maintenance being...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS 2021 UI Enhancements

Enhancements to User Interface Fundamentals in SOLIDWORKS 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2021 brings several enhancements to improve the user interface (UI), across a range of dialog windows and menu options. Editing Materials When SOLIDWORKS Simulation is active, editing materials in...
Transfer options in PropertyManager

Transfer Body or Part Material in SOLIDWORKS 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2021 provides more flexibility for controlling the material choice when inserting a part into another part, by adding new options in the Insert Part PropertyManager. After selecting the Insert...
List Connector Forces

Copy Tabular Simulation Results to the Clipboard in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 has added another option to export data from your study results. Besides generating a report, you can copy tabular data from several sources to the clipboard, and...

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