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Using the SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Bounding Box to create Flat Pattern Data

Several times in my career I've had rush jobs that need an estimate right away, or, the material might be a long lead request/special order coming from another city or...
Add Task

How to manually launch a task in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, we can configure tasks to launch on right-click actions, but we can also manually launch a task from within the administration tool. How to manually launch...
save solidworks drawing to pdf

SOLIDWORKS VBA Macro Code to Save Drawing as a PDF

Usually when we want to speed up process tasks in SOLIDWORKS, we tend to search for Macros that can do the task for us so we can decrease our process...
Projected section view with breaks

How to Align Breaks in a SOLIDWORKS Projected View with a Parent View

A customer recently contacted me with a strange situation: they were unable to drag the breaks in a SOLIDWORKS projected view in their drawing. See the image below as an...
2018 Start search Tool

How to search for commands in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019

Until SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018 the search command was located within the File menu. Now, in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019 the Search command is available on the ribbon. ...
Generate Option Plan

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Milling Setup 5/9: Generate Operation Plan

Once our features have been defined, we may generate our operation plan. Click Generate Operation Plan in the CAM command manager or pick your right-mouse-button on Mill Part Set-up1 and...

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SOLIDWORKS Decimate Mesh Tool

Reduce Mesh Body Complexity with the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Decimate Mesh Tool

New in the 2020 release of SOLIDWORKS comes even more capability to work with imported mesh files! As is often the case with scanned geometry, the number of graphics triangles...
The Defeature Preview Window rotates and zooms with the SOLIDWORKS viewport, making it easy keep tabs on the simplification process

Why you should use the SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool

Creating a digital twin of your real-life assembly can provide a lot of benefits; including accurate bills of materials, machining instructions, true-to-life simulation results, or stunning renders out of SOLIDWORKS...
3D Printed Texture

How to apply Textures to 3D Printed Parts with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS users often need to create complex or repeating features, but these features can be time-consuming to generate, especially on complex models. Some designs, such as a textured surface or...