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Join Us at the First Ever 3DEXPERIENCE Works User Group Meeting

Dedicated to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Users, but open to all You'll learn how the ease-of-use of SOLIDWORKS connects to best-of-breed applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which...
SOLIDWORKS Drawing Weight Accuracy

Adjusting the Weight/Mass Accuracy in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

In this article I'll show how to change the numeric precision on the weight/mass linked annotation in a SOLIDWORKS drawing. If you are anything like...
SQL Server Agent

Setting the SQL Server Agent to start automatically for SOLIDWORKS PDM

As part of our best practices, it's imperative to routinely check that good backups are being captured, and database maintenance is being complete.  If you...
Toolbox Upgrade IM - Change

Upgrading SOLIDWORKS Toolbox within SOLIDWORKS PDM

If your SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is stored within the vault, you have the option to manually upgrade it, or my preferred method is to use the...
Toy design using VeroUltra materials

Exceptional and repeatable coloration for toy design

In this use case, learn how Stratasys® VeroUltra™ materials helped to create accurate coloration for toy design and validation. Challenge From spray painting to hand...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Trend Tracker

What is the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Trend Tracker?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Trend Tracker provides a way to track Simulation results as changes are made. A Baseline is defined based on initial results.  When modifications...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS 2021 UI Enhancements

Enhancements to User Interface Fundamentals in SOLIDWORKS 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2021 brings several enhancements to improve the user interface (UI), across a range of dialog windows and menu options. Editing Materials When SOLIDWORKS Simulation is active, editing materials in...
Transfer options in PropertyManager

Transfer Body or Part Material in SOLIDWORKS 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2021 provides more flexibility for controlling the material choice when inserting a part into another part, by adding new options in the Insert Part PropertyManager. After selecting the Insert...
List Connector Forces

Copy Tabular Simulation Results to the Clipboard in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 has added another option to export data from your study results. Besides generating a report, you can copy tabular data from several sources to the clipboard, and...

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