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Teknion Leverage Workstations installed at new Javelin office

Six days and counting (Saturday, March 26th)

There was a lot of action at the new office as well as at our current office on this day.  At the new office the setup of the new workstations...
Last Training Class at 700 Dorval - SolidWorks Routing

Seven days and counting to the big office move

I am posting to our blog over the next couple of days to describe what is happening leading up to the move to our new office at 3457 Superior Court,...
SolidWorks 2012 Teaser

SolidWorks 2012 Teaser

The 3rd day of SolidWorks World 2011 was the day when users were teased by getting a glimpse of some of the enhancements that might be included in the next version....
The little red dot

Hot, hot, hot! Dynamic Undo during Power Trimming

Not too long ago, if you would had asked me what is my favourite SolidWorks command, I would have answered "The Power Trim". It is fast, elegant and intuitive and,...
PhotoView 360 Surface Finish

SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 Surface Finish Overview

One of the most underutilized feature sets of PhotoView 360 is the appearance surface finish tab.  Why is it underutilized?  For a couple of reasons I think, those being: It’s...

Has your DraftSight Installation Expired?

For those of you using DraftSight for all of your dwg/dxf needs (highly recommended over 2DEditor!), you may have noticed an expiration message recently.  If you haven't opened the program...

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The Defeature Preview Window rotates and zooms with the SOLIDWORKS viewport, making it easy keep tabs on the simplification process

Why you should use the SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool

Creating a digital twin of your real-life assembly can provide a lot of benefits; including accurate bills of materials, machining instructions, true-to-life simulation results, or stunning renders out of SOLIDWORKS...
3D Printed Texture

How to apply Textures to 3D Printed Parts with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS users often need to create complex or repeating features, but these features can be time-consuming to generate, especially on complex models. Some designs, such as a textured surface or...

The basics of SOLIDWORKS xDesign Demonstration Video

Watch and learn how SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines 3D CAD modeling and cloud collaboration using a web browser. In this 90-minute, on-demand video you'll learn how to create parametric models and...