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Merge Note Option

Prevent drawing notes from merging

A new option was added in SolidWorks 2011 SP3 that you may find quite useful.  In a past release, the new functionality of merging drawing notes when dragging over one...

Use SOLIDWORKS Defeature to Remove Proprietary Information and Reduce File Size!

The SOLIDWORKS Defeature tool was introduced in the 2011 release.  This feature provides an easy way to remove proprietary information from your models before sending it to clients for their use.  The...
nothing in here

Let’s do Less Work… (with automation)

            How about this? Do less work + yet get more accurate and error-free drawings and sign-offs? Sound good? Then this post is for you......

Taking the deformed model out of Simulation (FEA) and using it!

Let's see what we can do with the simulation deformed model.  It can be saved as a new solid model shown below. In this example I will take a cushion...

Drawing Dimensioning – Foreshortened

If you don't know how to add foreshortened diameter dimension in the drawing, this article will help you. (more…)
Bring Your Own Reusable Containers for Restaurant Leftovers

Bring Your Own Reusable Containers for Restaurant Leftovers

Here is a simple green tip. When going out for dinner, take your own reusable containers to pack up food especially if you have kids or someone in your family...

Latest Vlogs

SOLIDWORKS standard compliance with the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker 2019

Maintain SOLIDWORKS Standards Compliance with SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

Many companies that have a drafting department often also have a checking or quality department to maintain SOLIDWORKS standard compliance. The design checker in this department usually have to review...
The rigid connection type (top) produces artificial stress concentrations in the bolt head region. The distributed option (bottom) produces a more realistic stress field.

Distributed Coupling for Bolts and Pins in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020

Getting simulation results quickly, while maintaining accuracy, is always a top priority for any analyst. Replacing modeled fasteners with bolt or pin connectors in SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a great way...
Access the Simulation Evaluator directly from the Simulation Tree

Get peace of mind with the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Simulation Evaluator

Few things grind an analyst’s gears like setting up a long study to run overnight, and then returning the following morning only to find that the study failed after 25...
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