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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Webinars

Some SOLIDWORKS Simulation Usage Tips

Here are a few SOLIDWORKS Simulation usage tips we provide in training classes: SOLIDWORKS Simulation How to successfully mesh? Mesh failure is common if only global size is used, because...

How to apply Layer Mapping when exporting DWG/DXF from SOLIDWORKS

DWG/DXF files are still widely used by designers and engineers. Layers are very useful in 2D drawings to distinguish different types of entities. In SOLIDWORKS drawings, there is a layer tool in the Line...
Unghost Tool

How to unghost actors in 3DVIA Composer

In Composer we can temporarily ghost an actor by placing the cursor over the actor and pressing the "TAB" key, and the actor can then be kept ghosted by pressing the...
Right-click at top of tree

How to add a dummy part to a 3DVIA Composer project

Sometimes in 3DVIA Composer you need to show an item on the BOM but there was no actor in the file to represent it.  Items like glue or tape might need to...
Pick Replace Fitting

How to substitute a custom elbow into a Pipe Route

When Pipe Routing you may need to have an elbow that has a drain or weldolet on it.  This is actually easily accomplished.  Simply model the modified elbow and use...
Configuration Properties

Notes on combining multiple Routing library files

To speed up the Pipe Routing process or simplify your library, it may help you to combine similar routing parts into one file.  You can make configurations with different Material Properties...

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Optimization

Reduce Costs with Optimization Studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

When completing structural designs, it is common practice to "over-design" our materials. That is, use a size or thickness of material that we know works despite the potential for additional...
Slice 1

Slicing imported Mesh or Scanned Geometry into SOLIDWORKS Sketches

In a world that is moving more and more towards additive manufacturing as a primary method of creating our designs, working with mesh geometry is becoming ever more important. Whether...
SOLIDWORKS Structure System

Introducing Structure System in SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS has long been an industry leader in the modelling of welded frames and their components. Quickly generating beam members based on 2D or 3D sketches and exporting a cut-list...