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How to check if a SOLIDWORKS Face is Planar / Flat

How can you check for a SOLIDWORKS Planar Face with one mouse click? Just select a face in the graphic area and see if the Insert Sketch icon appears in...

Using PropertyLinks Professional to filter a Finish or Heat Treat based on the selected SolidWorks Material

In this tech tip you will learn how to use PropertyLinks Professional to filter a Finish or Heat Treat based on the selected SolidWorks Material. Prerequisites SolidWorks 2007 or above...
PDM Workflow

Using Enterprise PDM with SolidWorks can make life a lot easier!

Before working for Javelin I was a Mechanical Designer creating mobile equipment, and assembly machinery using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. I loved working with SolidWorks but did not have the luxury of...
Why Sustainable Design?

Why Sustainable Design?

Worldwide awareness of environmental issues has never been more acute. Consumers are increasingly considering the environmental impact of products they buy. They’re not just looking at recyclability. They want to...

Helping our communities, the eco-friendly way

Green living has become a part of our every day lives,  every one is trying to contribute and make a difference on our environment.    When we go to the supermarket,...
Chain Model

One method of modeling a Chain in SolidWorks

NOTE: This is an older blog post.  The latest versions of SOLIDWORKS now have the Chain Component Pattern feature which is a better method.  See the following blog posts:

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The basics of SOLIDWORKS xDesign Demonstration Video

Watch and learn how SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines 3D CAD modeling and cloud collaboration using a web browser. In this 90-minute, on-demand video you'll learn how to create parametric models and...

Utilize Touch Mode in SOLIDWORKS for Touchscreen Computers

More and more, we run into touch screens. Laptops and monitors are starting to come standard with touch capability. I've had a touch screen on my computer, and for a...
Topology Study produces organic geometry that is optimized for its intended application

Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study

Additive manufacturing is no longer a bleeding edge technology; this powerful method is being used across countless industries, for applications ranging from rapid prototyping to jigs/fixtures and production end-use parts. Widespread...