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CityNews Broadcast Van at Javelin

Breakfast Television at Javelin

Yesterday was an exciting day at Javelin! We had Breakfast Television come by our office for our National Engineering Month event. Our special guests were the OTHS Red Devils Robotics...
Composer License server download

Licensing of 3DVIA Composer

Licensing of Composer is done though a FlexLM license service which is very common in the software industry.  All licenses of Composer are Node-locked to a computer “MAC” address (even...

Beam Element Improvement in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

There are some improvements I would like to talk about for beam element in SolidWorks 2012. Let's use the particle separator model as example.  The machine has solid and shell...
Composer downloads

Install tips for SolidWorks Composer

When installing SolidWorks Composer there some things that are good to know before you start the install.  Here is some background information.  If you visit the SolidWorks Composer download page through the...
Moving the Vault to a Different Server then the Installation Server

Moving the Vault to a Different Server then the Installation Server

To move the Workgroup PDM vault to a different server then where the Workgroup PDM program is installed. (more…)
Custom Tab

Hierarchy of BOM Description References

The BOM Description column picks up the Description property from your models.  But if you are finding that modifying the property is not updating the BOM, there is a good...

COVID-19 Related Posts

Cloud based simulation

How to make more Informed Engineering Decisions with Cloud based Analysis

Tech Clarity research indicates top performers succeed with cloud based analysis technology. Nearly half (44%) of manufacturers say design decisions have become more difficult. If engineering wasn't hard enough, economic...
Simulate virus spread

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation demonstrates how social distancing helps limit the spread of COVID-19

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software can analyze and simulate real-life fluid and heat transfer behavior of products. By using CFD, you can also analyze real-life scenarios, including...
SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Assembly Visualization

A SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Machine: The Ultimate Assembly Visualization Training Event

Alin Vargatu shares his 3DEXPERIENCE World presentation (A SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Machine: The Ultimate Assembly Visualization Training) in an online live training format. For users who work with SOLIDWORKS assemblies, which...