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The little red dot

Hot, hot, hot! Dynamic Undo during Power Trimming

Not too long ago, if you would had asked me what is my favourite SolidWorks command, I would have answered "The Power Trim". It is fast, elegant and intuitive and,...
PhotoView 360 Surface Finish

SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 Surface Finish Overview

One of the most underutilized feature sets of PhotoView 360 is the appearance surface finish tab.  Why is it underutilized?  For a couple of reasons I think, those being: It’s...

Has your DraftSight Installation Expired?

For those of you using DraftSight for all of your dwg/dxf needs (highly recommended over 2DEditor!), you may have noticed an expiration message recently.  If you haven't opened the program...
archive server log

EPDM – How to locate the Archive Server Log

The Archive Server log for Solidworks Enterprise PDM can help find potential problems relating to the archive server.  In some cases Javelin Technical Support request this log file to help...
Reset GUI buttons

How to reset the 3DVIA Composer User Interface (GUI)

Resetting the GUI in 3DVIA Composer is easily accomplished through the menu: File -> Preferences -> General, then click on the either the "Reset Prompts" or "Reset GUI Layout" buttons. [caption...
SolidWorks Stars

SolidWorks Star Blog of the Month: (#1 Resource for Rendering)

Blog Address: Author: Rob Rodriguez Author's Description of his Blog: is a way for me to give back to the SolidWorks community in the forum of tutorials and information revolving around visualization.  Most...

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SOLIDWORKS Christmas Tree Topper

December is here, which means the holiday season is upon us and Michael Bublé is singing festive songs. Every year when putting up my tree, I have the same Christmas...
Fig. 5 Preview of Markups on Rotation

Using Markup in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS Markup is a great way to communicate ideas between teams, allowing users to propose changes without having to edit the geometry of a part. With SOLIDWORKS 2020, there is...

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 additional formats available for saving video

In prior years, the only Save As option for a SOLIDWORKS Composer video format was AVI. Now in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020, we also have the ability to save video as...