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3D Printing Project: Wall-E (Part I)

So, we have an Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer here at the office, and I got thinking - what could I print that would really demonstrate the capabilities of this incredible...
Connect to Route

3D Sketching a Helix for a Pipe Route for SOLIDWORKS Routing

When using SOLIDWORKS Routing, a simple way to have a coil of tubing for strain relief or packaging reasons, is to create the helix outside of the 3D Route sketch and...
Connector to move

SolidWorks Routing: Remating a Routing Connector to Change Its Position

Occasionally you may want to move a connector (or flange for pipe) to a different location than it was originally dropped on.  You will find mates present on the component...
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Error

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Error: “Face is not laying on the boundary between the solid and fluid region.”

Usually when you receive the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Error: Face is not laying on the boundary between the solid and fluid region It is related to the geometry of the...
Left-right box select

Which way do I “Box-select”?

The box select functionality allows you to drag a box over what you need to select, and depending on the direction you drag, different items are included.  Dragging from left...
allow check-in of documents

How can Toolbox Parts that has been checked into PDM as Revision Managed be Changed to Non-Revision Managed?

If a Toolbox part was checked into a Workgroup PDM vault with option ‘allow check-in of documents’ checked under the Standard Libraries tab of the VaultAdmin Tool. That part will...

COVID-19 Related Posts

Cloud based simulation

How to make more Informed Engineering Decisions with Cloud based Analysis

Tech Clarity research indicates top performers succeed with cloud based analysis technology. Nearly half (44%) of manufacturers say design decisions have become more difficult. If engineering wasn't hard enough, economic...
Simulate virus spread

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation demonstrates how social distancing helps limit the spread of COVID-19

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software can analyze and simulate real-life fluid and heat transfer behavior of products. By using CFD, you can also analyze real-life scenarios, including...
SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Assembly Visualization

A SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Machine: The Ultimate Assembly Visualization Training Event

Alin Vargatu shares his 3DEXPERIENCE World presentation (A SOLIDWORKS X-Ray Machine: The Ultimate Assembly Visualization Training) in an online live training format. For users who work with SOLIDWORKS assemblies, which...