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Using SOLIDWORKS BOM options - Promote

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 Bill of Materials Options

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021, the Bill of Materials (BOM) Options set within SOLIDWORKS will be inherited by the Computed BOM in PDM: [caption id="attachment_48856"...
Searching for Delete Command in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Searching for Commands while you Customize SOLIDWORKS 2021

Do you enjoy customizing your shortcuts and toolbars? Then you will love the update to the SOLIDWORKS 2021 Customize Window (found in Tools > Customize)....
SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 On-demand Webinars

We recently ran a Virtual Tech Conference where our certified SOLIDWORKS experts unveiled the new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2021. You can watch the...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Multiple Drawings

How to create Multiple Drawings Simultaneously in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021

Now in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021, we can simultaneously create multiple drawings from a book, a folder, or a drawing. We can select both the quantity...
SOLIDWORKS Composer Document Properties

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021 – Sharing (Default) Document Properties

New in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021 is the ability to share Default Document Properties across different computer systems!  This allows us to create a company standard...
Additive Manufacturing 2.0

Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Desktop Metal Event

Metal 3D printing has already had profound impacts on prototyping and manufacturing tooling, but with the ability to mass produce highly complex end-use parts, Additive...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles


SOLIDWORKS 2021 Dark Mode Enhancement

I'm a big fan of Windows Dark Mode or any app that offers it for that matter.  The darker my screen is the better.  Although SOLIDWORKS does not have an...
SOLIDWORKS 2021 VDA balloons

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Adds VDA Balloons

VDA refers to a German Quality System, generally used for the automotive industry. This is a highly recognized and respected quality management system, which requires a 90 percent compliance record...
SOLIDWORKS 2021 Active Window Highlighting

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Active Window Highlighting

If you're anything like me you can have multiple SOLIDWORKS files open at any one time.  If a command is open on one model it prevents selecting a different window...

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