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How to link a drawing note to the material property of a body

Jason Rackley was asking this question in the Solidworks Forum: Is it possible to link a note to the material of a body in a...
Shorcut Toolbar

Using and Customizing the Shortcut Toolbar

Shorcut Toolbar

Beginning with SolidWorks 2008, SolidWorks introduced the Shortcut Toolbar – a context sensitive toolbar that can be very useful...
System Information

Optimizing the Virtual Memory on a System

The virtual memory on your computer should be adjusted to provide optimum performance, and minimum fragmentation.  While this guide is written for Windows XP, the...
Helical Sweep

Creating a Helical Sweep in SOLIDWORKS

It is possible to create a helical solid in SOLIDWORKS which, rather than extending linearly, actually follows a helical (or other) path.  This is actually done using...
SolidWorks FeatureManager System Options

Always Show the Solid Bodies Folder

Accidentally hiding solid bodies within a part file is a common source of confusion, leading to the inevitable question regarding why the user is unable...
Toolbox Bolt

Adding Custom Toolbox Component Sizes

If there is a specific fastener you need but can’t find the size in the default Toolbox, you can modify and add custom sizes.  Open...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 New Tutorial

Do you design injection molds with SOLIDWORKS?  Did you know that SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers a comprehensive set of tutorials? New in the SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 release is a tutorial entitled...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Lock Rotation for Slot Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2021 adds functionality to lock rotation of slot mates, similar to lock rotation of concentric mates which has been available since SOLIDWORKS 2014. The Lock Rotation option can be...
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Templates

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2021 Templates

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2021 has some template improvements. Before these improvements were made, when making an Inspection report you would click the "Add" button for a template, same when exporting to...

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