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sketching dozen

The Sketching Dozen

1.     KISS- Keep It Simple. Simple sketches are easier to edit less likely to develop rebuild errors help downstream features such a configurations 2.     Center...

How to Reserve Licenses on SolidNetWork License Manager for Users or Groups

You are able to reserve specific SOLIDWORKS licenses for selected users or groups of users so the license is always available to them.  Any SOLIDWORKS...
Third Phase in creating a Rolled sheet metal component within SolidWorks.

How to create a SOLIDWORKS rolled component that can be flattened

A recent customer query had us considering a number of different methods to create a roll of material. After a number of attempts using various methods,...

Increase your assembly or drawing performance with a SpeedPak Configuration

Introduced in SolidWorks 2009 the SpeedPak Configuration command allows you to create a simplified configuration of an assembly without losing references. If you work with...

Let’s get picky and use the Selection Manager

Dan Johnson asks this question in the SolidWorks Forum: I am trying to create a handle that is part of a scanner body and I...
What's New in SolidWorks

A History of SolidWorks Commands

This is a CHALLENGE for all you history buffs out there. And no, I am not talking about the Roman Empire or who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte,...

SOLIDWORKS 2022 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS 2018 - 2022

Best of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2022

Catch up with the new and old SOLIDWORKS updates with the Best of What's New 2018 - 2022. Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Review

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Review

SOLIDWORKS 2022 has been revealed and at the annual live streaming event hosted by Dassault Systèmes, we got the first public look at the significant enhancements that have been introduced...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Update Guide

Get Ready for SOLIDWORKS 2022 with an Update Guide

Are you ready for your SOLIDWORKS 2022 update? Get your company, department and individual users ready by downloading our comprehensive guide. SOLIDWORKS 2022 is coming soon, in October we are running...

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