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Change your SOLIDWORKS installation

How to change your SOLIDWORKS Installation

Do you have a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license but you don't see the SOLIDWORKS add-ins included with your licence when you go to Tools > Add-ins...? You may have...
Working with SOLIDWORKS Mesh Files

Quick tips on how to work with Mesh files in SOLIDWORKS

If you need to work with Mesh files inside of SOLIDWORKS, you probably know how hard that is. These files have always been hard if not useless to work with!...
SOLIDWORKS Cloud Technology

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Based Collaboration

Now more than ever people are needing the flexibility of working remotely. They need access to their SOLIDWORKS design tools. They also need to access their data and continue to...
Medical Materials

Which Materials should I use to 3D print PPE or Medical Components?

If you want to use your 3D printer to help in the fight against COVID-19 with the production of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), medical devices, or components for medical equipment,...
Mouse Options

While navigating in SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault View my Mouse Pointer Jumps around?

If the mouse pointer jumps around when navigating through folders in SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view, you can deselect the option to snap in mouse properties. When the option is selected,...
in-house additive production

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk with End-to-End Automated Additive Manufacturing

When considering Additive for its speed, flexibility, and efficiency, examine how to extend these benefits through the final step of the process. Mitigating risk within supply chains is a goal...

Latest Vlogs

How to Copy & Paste Appearances in SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

How to Copy & Paste Appearances in SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

Creating realistic looking 3D parts is only one of the reasons for applying different appearances on your models. Equally important is using appearances for creating SOLIDWORKS selection groups which will increase...
SOLIDWORKS PDM Collecting Support Information [VIDEO]

SOLIDWORKS PDM Collecting Support Information [VIDEO]

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Administration tool contains a wizard that can simplify collect support information to aid in troubleshooting. Here's a video that demonstrates how this tool is used.
Pattern SOLIDWORKS Planes

How to Pattern SOLIDWORKS Planes (Linear and Circular) [VIDEO]

Patterns can be great time savers in SOLIDWORKS. You probably know by now that you can pattern components in assemblies, features, faces and bodies in parts, or lines, arcs and other entities...