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Mate to Reference Geometry in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Large Design Review

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can create mates that use reference geometry as their reference in the Large Design Review mode. By creating your mates in the Large Design Review...
Fig. 1 Demo Sphericon

Using Silhouettes to create sketches in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Using the top-down approach to design parts within an assembly is very common in workflows. Using other parts to create sketches is quite common using the Convert Entities & Intersecting...
Fig. 1 Blurry Capture

Methods for screen capturing SOLIDWORKS errors for Support

It's great that people are taking advantage of Javelin's support service to make their SOLIDWORKS experience a more pleasant one. Providing a good explanation of the problem with accompanying documentation...
Settings Window

Setting the path for eDrawings in SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

SOLIDWORKS PDM can work with different viewers to preview files within a vault. For SOLIDWORKS files, eDrawings is the default viewer. During the Installation of SOLIDWORKS PDM or SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings...
SOLIDWORKS Mates Shortcuts

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Mates Shortcuts

SOLIDWORKS 2020 has many big enhancements that improve performance, stability and usability. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter most. The littlest things that improve our CAD life. As an...

Creating Primary Members based on Points in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Weldments

SOLIDWORKS 2020 provides you with additional tools and control options for creating primary members in weldment structures. In this article, we are going to review these new options in SOLIDWORKS...

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james bailey

Automatically Insert and Position Multiple Components in an Assembly [VIDEO]

Interesting question on the SolidWorks Forum from James Bailey : The answer is yes. If the components are sharing the same origin (most likely derived from a master model), you can insert them in...
Tips & Tricks for Consumer Product Design | Continuity 1 [VIDEO]

Tips & Tricks for Consumer Product Design | Continuity 1 [VIDEO]

In this tech tip video, I explain some basic concepts relating to continuity and what effect it can have on your surfaces.

How to Navigate the SOLIDWORKS Feature Tree Using the Keyboard Arrow Keys [VIDEO]

Since I wrote the "Shortcuts for Navigating Your SOLIDWORKS Feature Tree " article, I discovered a few more ways you can save time navigating your SOLIDWORKS feature tree. Watch this...