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Leader Style Manager

Leader Style Manager in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 we have this new annotation tab on the Draw ribbon and cabinet layout ribbon which allows us to create text and block fields using the leaders....

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2020 Server Hardware Recommendations

Article co-authored by Samir Lohmann on February 19, 2020 Here is an overview of our current recommended SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2020 Server hardware recommendations. While the following recommendations...
HTML document blocked by google chrome

Unable to access SOLIDWORKS Composer User Guide or Help document?

Every now and then SOLIDWORKS Composer users report that they can't access the SOLIDWORKS Composer user-guide/help document through SOLIDWORKS Composer window > Help > Help Topics, and by default Composer...
45° Angular and Single Center mark

How to create Angular Center Marks in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?

Center marks are annotations that mark circle or arc centers and describe the geometry size on the drawing. With the Center Mark tool, we can create a center mark or a...
Composer Rx Tool

SOLIDWORKS Rx now included with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Until SOLIDWORKS 2019 SOLIDWORKS Rx used to get installed automatically by default only with SOLIDWORKS installation. And now in SOLIDWORKS 2020, SOLIDWORKS Rx now supports SOLIDWORKS Composer and installs by...

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Text Leader and Block Leader

Now when using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 we can create text leader lines with blocks and notes in 2D panel layouts and harness drawings. Text and balloons with leader lines are...

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SOLIDWORKS 2013 Video Series

There is no secret that I am delighted with the new enhancements introduced by SolidWorks 2013. I explored the new functionality quite a bit during the Beta period and I...
How to Change SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM Colours [Video]

How to Change SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM Colours [Video]

In this video I am going to show you how to change BOM colours using SOLIDWORKS Composer 2012x.
SOLIDWORKS Loft Bend Problems and Solutions

SOLIDWORKS Loft Bend Problems and Solutions

If I were to compare the SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal module with an Opera Company and you (the SOLIDWORKS user) with the director, then the Loft Bend would be a wanna-be diva; a spectacular...