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Recent Articles

SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in

Adding the SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Once SOLIDWORKS Manage has been installed, SOLIDWORKS Manage can be connected to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The first step in in doing this, is by adding the SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in, in...
Save as Copy with a Subset of Configurations in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Save as Copy with a Subset of Configurations in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS 2020 provides you with the capability of saving a copy of a part or an assembly with a subset of its configurations. This will save time by not having...
Manage Logo

Connecting SOLIDWORKS Manage to a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Vault

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can be easily connected to SOLIDWORKS Manage. The close relationship between SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage, is evident in the fact that SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, is...

Body Compare Analysis in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS Body Compare is new for SOLIDWORKS 2020 and is used to compare two groups of bodies that are located in the same part or assembly to find their differences....
3 components are selected for the exploded view with auto-space components on drag on

Auto-space Components in an Exploded View with SOLIDWORKS 2020

In SOLIDWORKS 2020, for Exploded Views you can turn on the option "Auto-space Components on Drag" even for existing explode steps. You can also select center, rear, or front of...
Draft and High Quality Mesh colour

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Mixed Draft and High Quality Mesh

Draft Quality elements provide faster solve times as each tetrahedral element only contain 4 nodes, one at each vertex.  Switching over to High Quality mesh elements is required for accurate...

Latest Vlogs

Nonlinear FEA

Even a Nonlinear Nincompoop can validate a design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation software [VIDEO]

Until recently, most FEA applications undertaken by design engineers were limited to linear analysis which provides an acceptable approximation of real-life characteristics for most problems design engineers encounter. Nevertheless, occasionally...
Design Library Folder Visible

How to recover a missing SOLIDWORKS Design Library Folder [VIDEO]

After upgrading to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, a customer told us that they now had a missing SOLIDWORKS Design Library Folder from the Task Pane? The customer was expecting to see a folder listed in the...
Moving a Standalone Toolbox to a Network Location [Video]

Moving a Standalone Toolbox to a Network Location [Video]

In a multi-user environment with a customized toolbox, you will want to store your toolbox on a network location so all users have access to the same database.  The process...
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