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SOLIDWORKS Model Background

Customize your SOLIDWORKS model background!

Ever wanted a SOLIDWORKS model background that's more pleasing to the eye?  Here's how! There is a collection of .png image files of such backgrounds that gets installed with SOLIDWORKS. ...
F series automatic tip calibration crosshairs

Tips on Stratasys 3D Printer Tip Calibration

At Javelin Technologies, we have trained thousands of customers up to date on how to use their brand-new Stratasys dual extruder 3D printers and the mechanics of tip calibration is...
SOLIDWORKS Material List

Material Favourites for easy access in SOLIDWORKS

Adding materials to all of your SOLIDWORKS parts is important.  Not only is this useful for reference in Bill of Materials or Title Blocks, but you must have the proper...
Processing aid printed in diran

Diran 410MF07 Material Series Part Two: Machine Upgrade FAQs

Stratasys has recently released Diran material for the Stratasys F370 3D printer; this material is a nylon-based thermoplastic with 7% mineral fill by weight. In the second of this three...
3D Sculptor

Intuitive Design in the Cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS

Attend the webinar to learn how 3D Sculptor enables the design of organically shaped models using sub-divisional modeling. We’ll also explore how 3D Creator enables parametric design in the cloud....
Electrical assembly

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Comparison Side by Side Challenge

Join us to witness a side-by-side comparison challenge utilizing SOLIDWORKS Electrical versus a generic CAD tool to create the same motor circuits as well as generate the required documentation. We’ll take a...

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