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Recent Articles

SOLIDWORKS PDM keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to access searches in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020

There have been lots of enhancements added to the search function within SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020, like the new Quick Search and the ability to search multiple variables.  Another enhancement I'm...

New PDM Options for processes in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020

In SOLIDWORKS Manage 2020, we have more options for PDM outputs from a process; Process Configuration Wizard > Workflow Properties Outputs Process Configuration Wizard Do not...

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Structure and Backup best practices

If you are an IT professional who supports a SOLIDWORKS PDM installation, you already know that it has many features that enable the Engineering department to design their products faster...
SOLIDWORKS Center of Mass

Adding/Analyzing/Modifying SOLIDWORKS Center of Mass Part 2

Have you ever had an old fan with the metal cage still run like a champ but found that a newer plastic fan seems to die within a year or...
SOLIDWORKS Center of Mass

Adding/Analyzing/Modifying SOLIDWORKS Center of Mass Part 1

In my opinion, the SOLIDWORKS Center of Mass is an underrated reference dimension. Many designers use it to see where the bulk of the weight is. This can determine if...

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Offset Surface now much easier to use!

Remember that time you tried to offset faces as new surfaces, only to receive an error message that it failed?  This can be frustrating, especially when many faces are involved...

Latest Vlogs

PhotoView 360 Surface Finish

SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 Surface Finish Overview

One of the most underutilized feature sets of PhotoView 360 is the appearance surface finish tab.  Why is it underutilized?  For a couple of reasons I think, those being: It’s...
PhotoView 360 video rendering

Video rendering with SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360

Let's look at a quite different topic today, PhotoView 360 video rendering. It's not just creating animation and record it.  You can actually add photo rendering in the video. I...
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