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Electromagnetics Engineer

Electromagnetics Engineer with SIMULIA for testing your SOLIDWORKS designs faster!

The need for electromagnetic components is ever increasing. With the use of such devices in multiple industries (Transportation & Mobility, Aerospace & Defense, Life Sciences...
SOLIDWORKS 2018 - 2022

Best of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2022

Catch up with the new and old SOLIDWORKS updates with the Best of What's New 2018 - 2022. Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS have introduced significant...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Review

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Review

SOLIDWORKS 2022 has been revealed and at the annual live streaming event hosted by Dassault Systèmes, we got the first public look at the significant...
Reduce production cost

How to Reduce Production Cost with Additive Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, you are always looking for ways to reduce your production costs. The latest solution you may be considering is 3D printing /...
Customizing SOLIDWORKS Productivity Tools

Customizing SOLIDWORKS Productivity Tools

Customizing your SOLIDWORKS productivity tools is the first step in becoming as efficient as possible. This video covers the steps to customize SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts,...
Ford Mustang 3D printed alignment fixture

3D Printing Use Case: Ford Mustang Quarter Glass Alignment Fixture

Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford in 1903, is a leading American automobile manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Mustang line has been...

SOLIDWORKS 2022 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Webinars

Get To Know SOLIDWORKS 2022 Webinars

Not sure what this latest SOLIDWORKS 2022 release can do for you and your business? Are you new to a specific SOLIDWORKS product or considering trying a new product suite?...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 What's New Launch Event

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2022 Live Tech Talks Digital Event

Attend the TriMech and Javelin - A TriMech Company, 2-Day Live Broadcast Event to discover What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2022 plus the latest in technology for 3D Scanning, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, and Cloud-collaboration....
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Release

What You Need to Know Before the SOLIDWORKS 2022 Release

SOLIDWORKS 2022 has been in public beta since June and the new version is scheduled for release in late November. Whether you update every year or only occasionally, there are things...

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