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SOLIDWORKS 2021 Graphical Manipulator in Structure System

New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the ability to drag and rotate a structure system structural member using graphical manipulators.  This can make it easier to...
Export Interference Detection - with preview

Export Interference Detection Results in SOLIDWORKS 2021

In SOLIDWORKS 2021 we now have the ability to export Interference Detection Results as a spreadsheet.  This can be useful in scenarios, where you need...
Email Relay - Directories

SOLIDWORKS PDM SMTP Notifications using Email Relay

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has the functionality to configure SOLIDWORKS PDM to send notifications through the default database message system or an SMTP mail server. Whereas SOLIDWORKS...
Whats New eDrawings - 4

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings 2021 File Properties

Does the uncapitalized "e" on eDrawings bother you, too? Well that is one change that didn't make it in SOLIDWORKS 2021. However, there are a...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Dark Mode Enhancement

I'm a big fan of Windows Dark Mode or any app that offers it for that matter.  The darker my screen is the better.  Although...
SOLIDWORKS 2021 VDA balloons

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Adds VDA Balloons

VDA refers to a German Quality System, generally used for the automotive industry. This is a highly recognized and respected quality management system, which requires...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles

Configuring Column Sets

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 New Column Configuration Controls

Included with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021, are controls within the columns node, giving more control to customize the view so the content you care about is where it's needed.   Columns...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer App available with SOLIDWORKS 2021

DS SOLIDWORKS has launched a new viewer app to visualize the electrical project drawings, called SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer. It gets installed automatically with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation. [caption id="attachment_48799" align="aligncenter"...
Using SOLIDWORKS BOM options - Promote

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 Bill of Materials Options

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021, the Bill of Materials (BOM) Options set within SOLIDWORKS will be inherited by the Computed BOM in PDM: SOLIDWORKS BOM Options...

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