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ENOVIAworks Project Management

SOLIDWORKS Project Management Workflow with ENOVIAworks

ENOVIAworks is a new portfolio of browser-based, scalable, cloud data management and PLM offerings built on 3DEXPERIENCE platform designed specifically to provide SOLIDWORKS users with...
Sketch colour applied

Colour SOLIDWORKS Sketches to communicate ideas and design concepts

SOLIDWORKS provides the ability to colour sketches in your design and this can be useful when you want to prove out your concepts, communicate ideas...
Instant3D drag sketch dimension

Adjusting a Sketch without having to use Edit Sketch

Dragging Instant3D manipulators in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area is a quick and easy means of adjusting features, but it is also applicable to sketches. Rather...
SOLIDWORKS Assembly to Scale

How to Scale an Assembly in SOLIDWORKS

The Scale feature (found by selecting the Insert menu, Features, then pick Scale) can be used to change the scale of all features within a single part. ...
3D printed carbon fiber tooling

Leveraging the strength of 3D Printed Carbon Fiber on the Shop Floor

Your goals are clear: high productivity and worker safety, low cost and materials that can withstand the rigors of a manufacturing environment. Traditional manufacturing has...
3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst

Discover markets and track competitors with the 3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst

The new 3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst will help you to get answers to your critical business questions using real-time data insights; driving faster decision-making with...

COVID-19 Related Posts

SOLIDWORKS Remote License

Working with SOLIDWORKS at Home through COVID-19 Shutdowns

The continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) is causing significant impact around the globe.  While health is always of primary importance, this pandemic also affects business productivity.  As shutdowns...
SOLIDWORKS Borrow License

Using your SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses Away from the Office

As SOLIDWORKS network licenses are hosted on a server connected to your network, clients must also be connected to the same network to obtain a license.  In some situations it...
SOLIDWORKS Workout Bench

Designing a Homemade Workout Bench with SOLIDWORKS Weldments

Given the global COVID-19 pandemic it has become taboo to be out in public. Now that my local gym and thousands of other gyms are closed to help prevent the...