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AutoCAD DWG Tech Tips and related Information

Adding Parametric Intelligence to Imported DWG Geometry [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what SolidWorks can do with DWG geometry. We have some super abilities when it comes to adding intelligence and actually linking the static DWG dimensions to existing DWG geometry – Take a peek and see how!


A Quick Way to Purge ALL the Centerlines from a SOLIDWORKS Sketch [VIDEO]

Purge Centerlines

When you are looking for a fast way to save a SOLIDWORKS sketch to a 2D format like DXF or DWG, without all the construction geometry. This technique will help you save time in purging all the construction geometry from the sketch.


With Draftsight you can edit DWG files from any version of AutoCAD!

DraftSight Free DWG Editor

Looking for a free DWG Editor? Unable to open your AutoCAD files? We might be able to help you with DraftSight… One of the common frustrations that SOLIDWORKS users have is being unable to open and edit legacy DWG files, either because the files are too old,…


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