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SOLIDWORKS Replace Sketch Entity [VIDEO]

Doesn’t matter if you are The Company Owner, a Manager, a SolidWorks Expert or just a SolidWorks Beginner, you will be extremely happy taking advantage of the most important enhancement introduced to SolidWorks this year: the ability to replace sketch entities. As the owner, CEO or manager you will notice how much faster your design team will be able to change their design intent during all phases of the design process. What before would take them hours can be done now in seconds. Moreover, the number of errors in your drawings and, ultimately, in your products will decrease by an order of magnitude! If you are a SolidWorks Power User, a large portion of your work time was most likely dedicated troubleshooting and fixing your colleagues models after they…


Solve Errors and Save Time by Replacing Mate Entities in Bulk [VIDEO]

When entities referred in existing mates (faces, edges, vertices, planes) change, the result is often a long list of errors in your assembly feature tree. This video presents an elegant way to replace the defective mate references in bulk and, thus, save time.


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