Extension Lines

Manipulating SOLIDWORKS Extension Lines in your Drawings

SOLIDWORKS Extension Lines

In this article, manipulating SOLIDWORKS extension lines after being added by dimensions is examined. It is shown that the extension lines could be treated as a separate entity in drawings and we can even decide to show or hide them. Some settings existed under Tools > Options dedicated only for extension lines. You can slant the extension lines, flip the direction of a leader, and drag extension lines between the center, minimum, and maximum attachment points of arcs and circles. In the following, some of the adjustments that could be done to extension or dimension lines are demonstrated. Change Attachment Points of SOLIDWORKS Extension Lines You can change the existed attachment point of dimension extension lines. In the following screenshots, it is shown that an extension line is reattached from the left edge to a shaft in the middle. While the dimension is highlighted, a tiny square shows up at…


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