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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In Integration

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional includes a Microsoft Office SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In, which provides access to PDM tools within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Using the ribbon, you can perform PDM vault commands and view file information when a file is open in Microsoft Office applications….


Stop the SOLIDWORKS PDM Login Prompt when creating a new email in Outlook 2016

Are you receiving a SOLIDWORKS PDM login prompt when you create a new email in Microsoft Outlook 2016? Read on to learn how to disable the Outlook SOLIDWORKS PDM Login. The Outlook SOLIDWORKS PDM Login is caused by the new Attach File feature in Outlook 2016, which…


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 can automatically Convert Microsoft Office files as PDF

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2017 has introduced a new Task that can save Microsoft Office documents as PDF. The Task is able to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF. The system running the Task must have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer installed for the Task to work….


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