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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Streamlines Surface Trimming Workflow with Offset On Surface

SOLIDWORKS Offset on Surface Midway

Among the many new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 are features that “Clean Up” or simplify the entire process of creating some types of models — the SOLIDWORKS Offset on Surface tool is one of these. Let’s see how this tool can be put to use. Take a look at the following example of this complex surface from which we would like to remove the center and leave a “Ribbon” around the outside of the shape. Use of the SOLIDWORKS Offset on Surface tool will permit us to easily generate a complex 3D sketch that exactly matches the surface. The resulting 3D sketch can then be used for a trim operation in order to finish up the feature. SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources Access our resources page to get everything you need to learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017, including tech tips, demonstrations, and upcoming product webinars. WHAT’S NEW RESOURCES


Solving SOLIDWORKS surfacing challenges when designing a Golf Club head [VIDEO]

Since I’m pretty terrible at golfing, I’ve decided that designing a golf club head with SOLIDWORKS will make it easier for me to hit the ball. This is the shape of the club’s head: Creating the Golf Club Head in SOLIDWORKS So having a concept for a golf club head, I quickly went about creating it in SOLIDWORKS. Given the very organic shape of it, a Loft feature seemed like the best command to use. Since I wanted this to be hollow, I tried a few techniques. Surfacing Challenges I started by using a Lofted Boss/Base. This created the solid as I would have expected, but I wanted to make a consistent wall thickness around this. My dimensions made up the inside, so I tried to apply a Shell feature with the option for Shell Outward. This failed to work, and all I got was an error message telling me that:…


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